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xTEK Technical Basics Workshop


Maximum depth:    meters

Price: 400 €

This workshop is designed to introduce certified divers to the equipment and the methods used in technical diving.

What will you learn?

The workshop includes the following topics:
•    Equipment choice and configuration;
•    Gas requirements;
•    Buoyancy control (trim);
•    Descending and ascending techniques;
•    Different types of fin kicks;
•    Minimum Gas Reserve (MGR) in NASE AOWD course;
•    Surface Marker Buoy (SMB).

Extra equipment using at xTEK Technical Basics Workshop

  • Primary regulator;
  • secondary regulator;
  • 2 computers;
  • wet note;
  • wing;
  • backplate and harness.

Dive sites to take xTEK Technical Basics Workshop

Application for xTEK Technical Basics Workshop

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