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xTEK Cave Diver

Duration: 8 days

Maximum depth: 30 meters

Price*: 600 €

*Price includes diving, teaching process, and tanks. Insurance equipment teaching materials and certificate are paid extra.

NASE xTek Cave Diver course covers the same topics and skills as any other similar Cave Diver program of other training organizations, but there is an important difference.

What will you learn?

The main idea is that NASE does not encourage incomplete training. Only fully trained NASE Cave Divers are offered a permanent certification card. But, we understand that sometimes there is no opportunity to take the whole course at once, that’s why NASE offers a stopping point on the way to full Cave Diver certification, which has certain limitations – xTEK Limited Cave. Despite these limitations, students may gain additional experience. NASE xTEK Cave Diver course is just the first one of series of NASE xTEK Cave courses. Additional courses also include technical diving courses such as xTEK45 Cave Diver, xTEK60 Cave Diver, Sidemount Cave, DPV Pilot and other.

Where will you learn?

General requirements

To participate in this course, students must:
•    Be at least 18 years old;
•    Be certified the NASE AOWD level (or equivalent);
•    Have a minimum of 75 accrued hours Actual Bottom Time (ABT).


If students haven’t taken NASE xTek Basics & Rescue (or equivalent), they have to take it beforehand or together with xTEK Cave course.
Before enrolling in this course students are to be re-assessed.

Application for xTEK Cave Diver

Please fill the form and we will contact you
to specify your preferences for training