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xTEK Basics & Rescue

Duration: 4 days

Maximum depth: 45 meters

Price*: 400 €

*+30 euro for issuing a c-card

Learn more about the equipment for technical diving and the procedures required for executing decompression dives.

What will you learn?

This course requires a high level of competency in the following skills:
•    buoyancy control;
•    dives planning;
•    teamwork;
•    other skills.
This is not a Decompression Diving course and it does not certify you for Deep diving, although it provides the knowledge and the skills for the next level of training – xTek 45.

Extra equipment using at xTEK Basics & Rescue Workshop

  • Primary regulator;
  • secondary regulator;
  • 2 computers or 1 computers and gage;
  • wet note;
  • wing;
  • backplate and harness;
  • stage regulator.

Dive sites to take xTEK Basics & Rescue course

General requirements

To participate in this course, students must:

•    Be at least 16 years old;
•    Be certified the NASE Nitrox and Rescue Diver level (or equivalent);
•    Be pre-assessed before enrolling in the course (all the requirements are listed in the NASE Standards and Procedures to this course).

Application for xTEK Basics & Rescue

Please fill the form and we will contact you
to specify your preferences for training