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Around the mystery ship wrecks of Tenerife

Duration: 7 days
Maximum depth: meters
Special price: 1800 € 2000 €

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Around the ship wrecks of Tenerife

For those who enjoy wreck diving and historical mysteries we offer a visit to the shipwrecks of the southwest coast of Tenerife. All the ships lie at accessible depths and over the course of time have acquired their own inhabitants, which make them not only interesting wrecks to explore but also living artificial reefs.
Duration: 7 days

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During the week you will:

Visit 5 wrecks
Make at least 12 scuba dives, one of which is going to be a night dive
You may also choose to:

Take AOWD or NITROX course with fun-loving classmates
See a fiery Flamenco show or attend a Knights Tournament
Try traditional local cuisine and sea food
Take a sightseeing tour around the island and climb Teide volcano
See the Guimar pyramids
Go on any of our excursions

Total price of the program (no courses): €322
You save €65 on Nitrox
Total price of the program with AOWD course: €522
Yousave€ 115on Nitrox and the course
Total price of the program with AOWD course and NITROX: €622
Yousave€165 on Nitrox and the course

Extra charges: certification card after completion of the course – €30, transfer from the airport – €25, and to the airport – €25, restaurants and excursions, and also accommodation where you choose to stay (apartment, hotel).

For those wanting to stay longer we offer special prices for diving: €25 for a single dive, €50 per day, and €15 a day for gear rent.
And also individual and group excursions.


Day 1
• Arrival, transfer, check-in, rest
Day 2
• Dive to La Caleta reef, weighing
• Dive to the Twin wreck, depth 18-21 meters.
Two sunken ships, which long ago became a shelter for marine life
• Academic lesson for those willing to improve their level
Day 3
• Dive to the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus statue that is said to bless the fishermen leaving the Los Cristianos port. Depth – 27 meters.
• Diveto El Condecito, a ship lying at a depth of 12-18 meters depth, which became a wreck when it sunk overloaded with concrete. Most of the deckhouse has nearly been destroyed; the wreck cracked and opened the boilerhouse and the engines to the sight of the curious divers. The remaining parts give an opportunity to get inside the hull, feel this old tragedy, stroll around the cabins and the bilge of the ship. Flute fish, octopi, striped barracudas, fire caterpillars and other sea creature live both inside and around the wreck.
• Flamenco show and Knights Tournament (optional)
Day 4
• Dive at El Peñon. This wreck is a sunken tugboat El Peñon, which was working in Santa Cruz port for 49 years. In 2006 it was sunken on purpose to create an artificial reef and dive site. Today divers can swim inside the engine room and other parts of the vessel. Depth 15-30 meters.
• Dive at Abades, depth 16-20 meters. Hidden from the winds this bay formed its own special landscape of flowing down lava, in which the sea laid its own route, creating arches, grottoes and canyons. The dive site has rich fauna all year round. Here you may often see shoals of roncador fish, rays, octopi and squids.
Day 5
• Le Meridian used to be a minesweeping ship during the World War II and after the war was over became a fishing boat. In 1973 Wolfgang Mertis restored and renovated it, after which Meridian was taking tourists to see the whales. It was sunken in 2005 near the Los Cristianos port at 30 meters depth. It is still well preserved.
• Dive at Palm-MarWall. As the dive site is situated near the fishery shoals of barracudas, roncador fish and dolphins may often be seen here. Depth 20-22 meters.
• Completion of AOWD and NITROX courses with a festive dinner afterwards
Day 6
• Dive to Marazul: rocky landscape and huge basalt blocks make this dive site so different from all the other dive sites of Tenerife. At 6 meters depth water flow formed a siphon with an indescribable play of light, which is just breathtaking even for experienced divers. Depth 30-25 meters.
• Dives to the sunken excavator which appeared here in 2008 under the unknown circumstances.
• Night dive
Day 7
• A sightseeing tour around the island, visiting the famous Teide volcano and also any other excursion at your will. Learn more here
Day 8
• Packing, transfer to the airport.

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