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Underwater Navigator Speciality

Duration: 1 day

Maximum depth:    meters

Price: 120 €

Gives an understanding and experience how to properly navigate underwater using both natural and compass navigation.

Course description

The course is intended to help the students to understand and to try underwater navigation using natural orientation and orientation with the help of a compass. Considers ways of navigation in water with the use of natural reference points and a compass; the course tells about different kinds of compasses and their application methods. Simple exercises with the use of various underwater navigation techniques are carried out during two dives in open water; students exercise the ability to move on a set course.

Two dives are required with complete briefs and debrief by the instructor. Dive plan must include surface interval, maximum no-decompression time, etc. to be figured out and logged

Essential prerequisites for participants

  • Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certificate
  • Minimal age – 18 (eighteen) years. Age from 10 (ten) years – with the written permission of parents.

Application for Underwater Navigator Speciality

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