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Become an independent diver in Tenerife in just 7 days!

Duration: 7 days
Maximum depth: meters
Price: €

button: SAVE €22 PER DAY

If you have already heard of sidemount, and you are now interested, but have never tried this configuration, that’s what we have to offer you:
• Take a 3 day Sidemount course and learn more about the features of this configuration;
• Test various types of harness: Nomad, Armadillo, TecLine, UTD using steel or aluminum tanks;
• Choose the best sidemount configuration for yourself

You may also choose to:
• See a fiery Flamenco show or attend a Knights tournament;
• Try amazing traditional local cuisine and sea food;
• Go on any of our excursions


Day 1
• Arrival, transfer, checking in at a hotel
Day 2
• Academic lesson
• Scuba gear assembling and fitting, weights fitting, buoyancy adjustment in water (Puerto Colon beach)
• Evening excursion (at will)
Days 3-4
• In-water training – two dives a day
• Debriefing
• Discussing course results
Day 5
• Setting up a different sidemount configuration
• Dives using a new sidemount harness, with different tanks
• practicing all the skills using the new configuration with a different type of tanks
Day 6
• Dives in a preferred sidemount configuration
*** PLEASENOTE: Days 5 and 6 – you have an opportunity to use a gear configuration (harness, tanks) different from the one you used while taking your Sidemount course, and practice all the skills in a different configuration FOR FREE
Day 7
• Day time excursion (at will) or spare time
Day 8
• Packing, transfer to the airport

Total price for this program, including diving with training, transfer from the hotel to the Dive Centre and back is €390

Extra charges: certification card after completion of the course – €30, transfer from the airport – €25, and to the airport – €25, restaurants and excursions, and also accommodation where you choose to stay (apartment, hotel)
You SAVE €22 a day(€10 for a set of regulators and €12 for the harness)
For those wanting to stay longer we offer special prices for diving: €25 for a single dive, 50 € per day.


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