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Rescue Diver Course

Duration: 2-3 days

Maximum depth: Within the diver’s current level of certification meters

Designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills for an individual to effectively perform diver rescues and assists, and administer necessary first aid.

What will you learn?

NASE Rescue Diver Program is one of the most difficult but also the most useful courses. The Rescue Diver Program provides the diver with important self-rescue skills, advances their knowledge of basic first aid for diving emergencies during diving. The course will also prepare you to begin looking beyond yourself and your buddy’s needs to include other divers as well.

This program will provide the diver with the important knowledge:

•    Self-rescue;
•    Stress and Panic Control and Management for Divers;
•    Emergency action plan;
•    Rescuing of a panicked diver;
•    Bringing Unconscious Diver To Surface;
•    Providing first aid.
Divers are encouraged to practice the skills learned in this course in order to retain them and a rescue refresher course is recommended every two years.

General prerequisites:

To enroll in the NASE Worldwide Rescue Diver course, students must:
•    Possess NASE Worldwide Advanced Open Water, or equivalent by a recognized agency;
•    Possess NASE Worldwide CPR /First Aid certification or equivalent from a recognized agency (AED training is recommended, but not required);
•    Possess NASE Oxygen Provider/ Oxygen administration or equivalent from a recognized agency;
•    Be at least 15 years old by the start of the course (students who are 12 to 14 may qualify for NASE Junior Rescue Diver certification)

Application for Rescue Diver Course

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