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For those who already familiar with Sidemount

Duration: 5 days
Maximum depth: meters
Price: €

button: SAVE €22 PER DAY

If you are already familiar with Sidemount
If you have already taken a Sidemount diver course but you still have questions about choosing the right harness for various conditions than this free of charge seminar is for you.

During 5 days you will have an opportunity to:
• Compare the two lightweight harnesses (TecLine, UTD) and complex harnesses (Armadillo, Nomad);
• Configure with the help of the instructor and try steel and aluminum tanks in action


Also you have an opportunity to:
• Try traditional local cuisine and sea food
• Go on any of our excursions


Day 1
• Arrival, transfer, checking-in at the hotel
Day 2
• Academic lesson
• Scuba gear assembling and fitting
• Weights fitting
• Practice dive
• Debriefing, discussion
Day 3
• Two dives
• In-water training – skills mastering
• After the dives: scuba gear assembling and fitting for the next day dives
Day 4
• Two dives with a new set of gear
• In-water training and skills practicing
Day 5
• Two dives using the harness you like
Day 6
• Two dives using the harness you like (with deco stages – for certified divers)
Day 7
• Day-time excursion, at your will or spare time
Day 8
• Transfer to the airport

Price for one dive – €25, for two dives in one day – €50
Total price for 8 dives: €225
You save €22 a day (€10 for a set of regulators and €12 for the harness)
Academic lessons, in-water trainings, scuba gear rental, transfer from the hotel to the Dive Centre and back on all days of dives is free of charge
Diving insurance (if you don’t have an active one at the moment) – €10 per week
Transfer from the airport €25 / to the airport – €25 (per car)
Accommodation (apartment or hotel) is paid additionally
Excursions are paid additionally

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