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Prices for Cave Diving

Cave Diving Courses NASE

Course Price
xTek Limited cave 600 €
xTek Cave 600 €

Cave Diving Courses TDI

Course Price
Cavern diver  TDI 400 €
Intro to cave diver TDI 500 €
Full cave diver TDI 500 €

All courses include dives arrangement.
Equipment rent, gases, course materials and certificates are paid additionally.
The certificates are issued from the following training organizations: NASE, TDI, CMAS, NSS-CDS.

Tanks and gases

Doubles 10 € a day
Stage 5 € a day
Oxygen 0,015 € / per litre
Helium 0,065 € / per litre
Topping 15 €

Technical dive equipment rental

Wing 8 € a day
Harness 8 € a day
Side-mount harness 12 € a day
Primary regulator (right) 8 € a day
Primary regulator (left) 8 € a day
Deco regulator 6 € a day
Dive computer 10 € a day
Primary dive light 10 € a day
Sea scooter 80 € a day

Equipment requirements for courses:

Harness for technical dives – hard backplates made of steel or aluminum.
Two DIN regulators in Back mount configuration.
Split strap fins.
Spare mask.
Wet and dry suits, helmet.
One primary light (LED or HID).
Two back up lights on batteries.
Two reels/spools with the total length no less than 40 meters.
Two cutting tools (dive knife).
A set of dive line markers and cookies.

Not required:

Weight system.
Weight belts.
Device consoles.
Big knives.
Plastic carabiner.
Retractors etc.