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Night / Low Visibility Diver


Duration:2 night dives

Maximum depth: up to 15 meters

Price: 80 €

If the night diving is your favorite kind of diving, join this course. Acquaint the procedures, techniques and potential hazards associated with diving at night, or in limited visibility.

What will you learn?

Many divers find that night diving is their favorite type of diving. As with all specialty diving applications, procedures are different than those associated with open water diving. The purpose of this course is to acquaint the open water diver with the procedures, techniques, and potential hazards associated with diving at night, or in limited visibility. By becoming familiar with the use of dive lights, and night diving techniques such as navigation, buddy system procedures, communications, buoyancy control, and interacting with nocturnal aquatic life, the diver will be able to enjoy night diving with maximum safety.

During the course, you’ll know how to plan dive and safety procedure in a low visibility or night dive.

Course description

This course includes learning of specificity of night dives, special features of underwater nightlife, rules of communications and navigation ways. The course includes two dives in the open water during which the skills of the correct use of additional equipment, partnership relations, and the skills of corrective actions in case of emergencies will be trained.

Dive sites to take Night / Low Visibility Diver Specialty

Essential prerequisites for participants

  • Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certificate
  • Minimal age – 18 (eighteen) years. Age from 10 (ten) years – with the written permission of parents.

Application for Night / Low Visibility Diver

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