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Master Diver Course


Maximum depth:    meters


Highest, non-leadership course that provides extensive knowledge and diving skills. Provides the fundamentals for progression into leadership training.

This is the highest level of recreational non professional diving.

What will you learn?

Academic subject areas include diving science, physiology, diving environment, equipment, and dive planning.

Students will also develop personal diving skills and become proficient in the following specialty areas including:
•    deep,
•    navigation,
•    night diving,
•    search and recovery,
•    underwater mapping.

General Prerequisites

To enroll in the NASE Worldwide Master Diver course, students must:
•    Be at least 18 years old by the start of the course;
•    Possess NASE Worldwide Rescue Diver certificate, or equivalent;
•    Have completed and logged a minimum of 25 dives or 500 minutes of accumulated Actual Bottom Time (ABT);
•    Meet all of the prerequisites outlined in the NASE Worldwide General Course Standards and Procedures.

Application for Master Diver Course

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