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Intro to tech diving

Duration: 4 days

Maximum depth: 25 meters

Price: 450 €

Get essential skills for participation in all TDI courses. Familiarize yourself with technical diving equipment and procedures for decompression dives.

What will you learn?

TDI Intro to Tech course introduces the world of technical diving. This course designed as an introductory course to TDI Advanced Nitrox course and TDI Decompression Procedures Course.

Course description

During this Intro to Tech diver, TDI course diver will know basic procedure of technical diving. The course is not decompression and provides the diver not with permission for deep dives, but with knowledge, skills, and prerequisites for further training. Duration – 4 days; maximum depth – 25 meters.

  • This course requires a high level of the following skills:
  • buoyancy control;
  • planning of dives;
  • teamwork;
  • and other skills.

Special equipment for Intro to Tech diver TDI course

  • Primary regulator;
  • secondary regulator;
  • wing;
  • harness;
  • SMB.

Essential prerequisites for participants

  • Minimal age – 15 years.
  • Diver’s certificate of AOWD level (or equivalent);
  • 25 registered dives;
  • Passing of a prior assessment for starting the course (all requirements are specified in TDI standards and procedures for this course)

Application for Intro to tech diver TDI

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