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Advanced Adventure Diver

Duration: 2-3 days

Maximum depth: 30 meters

Price: 270 €

Includes five various thematic dives; thus, Deep and Navigation dives are obligatory. Kind of introduction to each specialty, not a complete course of the chosen specialties.

Course purpose and description

The purpose of this course is to give the diver an overview of 5 different specialties, 2 core, and 3 additional SDI Specialties. The two core specialties are SDI Deep and Navigation. One dive, from each of the specialties, may apply toward a complete specialty certification. Overhead environments and non-diving specialties are not allowed and do not count toward the 3 chosen specialties. If computer nitrox is to be used as one of the elected specialties, the instructor must be an SDI Computer Nitrox Instructor. This course includes five dives in the open water – one dive for each chosen specialty.

Following specializations are available for training

Open Water Execution

  1. Five dives are required with complete briefs and debrief by the instructor;
  2. One dive must be deeper than 20 meters / 60 feet but not deeper than 30 meters /100ft Divers between the  ages of 10 and 15 cannot exceed 21metres / 70 feet;
  3. One dive must be a navigation dive;
  4. Dive plans must include surface interval, maximum no-decompression time, etc. to be figured out and logged;
  5. Each dive will be the first dive of each of the specialties i.e. dive one of deep course, dive one of navigation course, etc.

Essential prerequisites for participants

  • SDI Open Water Scuba Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certificates;
  • Minimal age – 18 (eighteen) years; age from 10 (ten) to 17 (seventeen) years – with written permission of parents.

Application for Advanced Adventure Diver

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